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  Hi there all you good fans of mine;

On this page I will tell you what is happening in my world and any other news I think will interest you.

A college professor by the name of Bruce Hawkins and I are working on a book about, you guessed it Bosoms. Bruce has asked me to post the following notice about the book.  I know all of my Bosom Buddies will be glad to help Bruce and I out with this project.


  Hey Guys,
we need your help!
  June and I are working together on a book entitled:  
  The Bosom,” June Wilkinson, … and me the story of a cultural icon and our relationships to it.  
  One section of our book focuses on FANTASY and REALITY, and we could use your help – if you’re willing to share with us any of the following:  
    · Memories of your reaction upon seeing a picture of June,
      “The Bosom"  for the first time.
  · Descriptions of your favorite pictures of June, The Bosom  
  · Fantasies inspired in you by images of June, The Bosom  
  If you’re willing to help out, you can either tell me your memories, descriptions or fantasies while you’re here today or you can send them to me:  
    Preferred Method:      bwhawkin@ilstu.edu  
    Alternate: Method:  Prof. Bruce Hawkins
4240 English Department
Illinois State University
Normal, Illinois 61790-424
  Thanks a lot guys both June and I appreciate your help.